I'm Knight + Ghost 4.0

I'm Knight  + Ghost 4.0

Yes, this is more like a changelog, what has happened on this blog. It's been a long time since the last upgrade; although the new Ghost4.0 is more focused on membership & paid community, which is not related to this blog, I m still welcome the latest major version upgrade.

So what have I done on this blog?

  • The colour scheme pretty much remains the same; I like dark colours.
  • The backend has upgraded to the latest Ghost 4.4.
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  • I try to customise some of the interfaces; you can find some call to actions blocks at the bottom of each post.
  • I added webmentions but haven't styled it nicely
Webmention - IndieWeb
  • I added Mentioned App to monitor who talk about this blog.
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  • I added Tailwindcss so that I can style this blog in the tailwind way.
  • I added a search function and style the search results at the sidebar with Tailwindcss.

I am most likely going to start a new series of #nocode challenge on this hope, and it will be different compared to what I do last time. Stay tuned for the update!