Admin Panel As A Service

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Admin Panel As A Service

I have recently come up with a product idea - "Admin Panel As A Service". The aim is to offer a service that helps founders, makers, and business owners who lack technical knowledge to build an Admin Panel for their businesses with a predefined scope and a flat rate fee.

Although there are many nocode/lowcode solutions available to build an Admin Panel, it still requires significant technical knowledge to create a useful one. My idea is to provide a productized service with templates built with FilamentPHP that can be launched quickly, and users can choose the templates that fit their needs and send in customization requests.

The target audience for this product is those who want to replace their existing system, such as random Excel sheets, with a proper internal system. During the process, some technical support may be required, such as connecting with Stripe or triggering email sends.

Do you think this idea has potential?