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Now page for Apr 16, 2022

It's been a year since I last updated my Now page. I m still mainly a freelancer, nothing changes on this part, but I have built some components to sell for the Adalo platform. I have started generating income as an indie maker.

My current focus is on Nocode & Web3.

Nocode - I m trying to replicate what I have done on Adalo platform to other tools and start to build nocode products for clients.

Web3 - I m still researching on this and might launch something for web3 in year 2022.

Now page for May 11, 2021

It's been a while since I last updated my Now page. I m still struggling to become an indiehacker; mainly, I m still working as a freelancer for a living. I have built some products, but nothing getting tractions.

Lately, I been really into #nocode, and I have some encouraging results; I would like to see myself working out something in #nocode.

It's been lockdown for more than one year already; I miss travel around, although I m not an outgoing person. Staying at the same place without moving around too long it's getting my nerve. Let's hope we can see some hope soon.

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I build Product
I love the build the products. It doesn’t matter coding all the way from scratchor build it using no-code. Maker Weekly Week #27 GetPayHQ Beta TestingOriginal I thought this can belaunchbefore end June so that I can use it formy other services, again building products always have something unex…

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My Freelance Work
Working as a freelance for the past ten years, I did all kind of projects. Fromsimple WordPress site to Complete CMS build from scratch. I work for differentindustry as well includes Retail, Temple, Church, Insurance etc. Project AdmiraI start the colour matching features with Colour Thief librar…