April Monthly Goal 2021

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ยทApr 13, 2021ยท

I have missed out on the first three months. Hopefully, I will be on track from April onward to track my monthly goals.

The main thing for April is about "Learn", there are lots of new stuff in the Laravel & Modern development market that I m lost touch with; I want to focus and pick up these in April.

Besides that, I finally have a chance to build a mobile application. I will focus on learning how to make a mobile application with Adalo this month.

Lastly, I m continue to learn how to getting involved with the community, marketing with Twitter and maybe kickstart some newsletter. It's pretty challenging for me to start all these, but I willing to learn it.

The rest of the time, I will focus on Adalo; I have planned to build an MVP product that caters to the Adalo market and will most likely release a new component.
It's nearly half of the month, but most of the goals are on track; I can't wait to review them by the end of the month.

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