April Monthly Goal 2022

Photo by sq lim on Unsplash

April Monthly Goal 2022

I just attended my father in law funeral, it doesn't look like a good start for Apr. I want to run away from the useless first quarter of 2022. So my plan to start to gain back my product productivity is to focus on three things.

Updating, Testing and Building

Updating - There are many personal portfolios or agency brand sites on hand that need to update; one of my major focuses this month is to get all these sites updated with the latest content or some design tweak.

Testing - I have a few tools on hand that I want to try. I need to play around with these tools to decide what I will use to build next month.

Building - I m going to build some tiny content products first; most likely, I will revamp the Adalomatic - the Adalo focus content site and another nocode content focus site.

Focus and push for it for the next 25 days.