Back to Trello & Todoist combo

After trying out several new tools, I have returned to using the Trello and Todoist combination. Although my experimentation was not in vain, as I discovered some new tools that could enhance this combination, I will discuss them in another post.

So, what changes have I made to my workflow since returning to the Trello and Todoist combo? I have delegated each tool to its specific strength: Trello for planning and Todoist for execution. Trello serves as my planning tool for high-level tasks such as what I want to accomplish for the month, which projects I want to work on, and what marketing plan to do next week.

On the other hand, I use Todoist to manage all my tasks that require a due date. Whether it be personal tasks, freelance work, or product work, I simply dump them into Todoist. I review my tasks every day and adjust them according to my free time.

The only downside is the lack of integration between these two tools. Perhaps I should consider building one?