Build 3 products from 5 areas.

In my last post, I shared that I was starting a self-challenge, and I am currently working on it. Now, instead of choosing from 5 different product ideas, I have decided to build products from 5 different product types to make things more refreshing for me. Here are the products that I plan to build in the remainder of year 2023:

1. A Chrome Extension: As a heavy Google Chrome user, I use a lot of extensions. There is one extension that I can't find in the Store, so I plan to build it myself.

2. A Mac Menu Bar App: I have been using Mac for a long time, and I think it's time to have a self-built Mac app. I have a few app ideas that I need, so let's see which one is doable.

3. A Platform App: I find it interesting to build mini-apps within different platforms. I am eyeing either building for Stripe Marketplace or maybe Crisp Marketplace.

4. A CLI App: Building a command-line app that does specific API tasks will be pretty interesting. I think I have a prototype somewhere, so let's see if I am going to pick up this idea or not.

5. An API Product: This is one of my dream products, which is ideal for me because it will be less frontend and more on the backend.

My goal is to complete three products from these five areas and end 2023 with some fantastic product-building momentum.