Calendar Choices

I have been researching some calendar services recently; Apple Calendar sync with Google Calendar serves me well. Still, while I am in the optimization process, I try to look for something new and shining to see if I miss out on anything.

My workflow uses Todoist to manage all my tasks and sync with Google Calendar since there is an integration between Google Calendar and Todoist, allowing me to move the Tasks around in Google Calendar. I will add other events to my calendar; I focus more on what happened that day than what I should do every hour. This is why a monthly view of the calendar is a big Yes to me; focusing on how to squeeze tasks into each hour is a big No for me.

Here are some of the quick reviews based on my usage.

Cron is a pretty standard Calendar, and it meets most of my requirements because it looks like the Apple Calendar. It focuses on a calendar. If I need a replacement today, this is what I pick. The only thing that worries me is what will happen after being acquired by Notion.

Amie is one of the famous ones with a pretty cool landing page; it is still invite-only, which makes it very popular. I am getting quite a few dm to ask for invites already, but I haven't gotten any invites to share.

  • The task feature looks great, but it doesn't allow us to import other tasks services.

  • There is no monthly view.

  • Overfocus on the daily view.

Routine is another popular choice; it also needs to request access, but compared to Amie, it seems easier to access. I would say Routine is one of the feature-rich calendars and I won't mind using it if it finally integrates with what I use.

  • There are built task features and universal inboxes to include tasks from other services, but no Todoist support yet.

  • There are page features that allow you to have notes with tasks.

  • There is no monthly view

  • More integration compares to others.

Mayday is something that I found lately. It is one calendar service that focuses on scheduling your event/tasks into every available timeslot. There is an interesting Calendar shield feature that you can use to protect from the overwhelming meeting.

  • Deep integration with Zoom

  • Calendly type of scheduling feature

  • Calendar Shield to protect you from becoming too busy

  • There is no monthly view

As you can see, each of these calendars has its features and unique selling point; the important is which one fits your workflow.