February Monthly Goal 2022

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February Monthly Goal 2022

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ยทFeb 7, 2022ยท

I picked up the main reason I failed severely in January is because of lack of focus. I am trying to do too much with too little time, and I have underestimated my freelance workload and overestimated my product work ability.

I m going to focus for February on two things only, one learning goal and one building goal.

  1. Continue my web3 learning; I will continue to learn on web3, especially the NFT area. I admit I split my focus on investing in tokens last month. This month, I will concentrate on NFT only and some blockchain fundamental knowledge.
  2. Build new components for Adalo marketplace 2.0. I plan to move my components to sell in Adalo new marketplace, so I believe going to have some work to do and release one or two new components, particular for the marketplace launch

That's all for my February.

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