FilaHQ Mobile App

In 2024, I had an idea for a mobile app that would showcase widgets built using FilamentPHP.

I recently built a donation site for a client using FilamentPHP and created some widgets to showcase donation trends. However, the people who were interested in seeing these trends were not the same people who logged into the system daily. So, I thought of creating a mobile app that could showcase these widgets to interested parties.

During my second product weekend in 2024, I took a few steps to complete the prototypes, including creating a class that would allow me to convert the overview stat widget into JSON. This class would be added to the place where one sets up widgets for pages so that there would be no need to re-write the same logic. Once the widget data was turned into API JSON, I built a mobile app using Flutterflow to parse the data and show it as a widget.

I didn't get much response on Twitter and wondered if this was not a common need for others.

Looking ahead, my plan is to continue building on this project by taking the following steps:

  • Firstly, I will create a composer package that can easily export the stats widget as an API.

  • Next, I will develop a service that can consume these APIs and feed the data into the mobile app.

  • The service will also include authentication to avoid reliance on the original site's authentication system.

  • Lastly, I aim to make the widget more dynamic by adding some animations.