I completed my #7daysAdalo Challenge

I completed my #7daysAdalo Challenge

Since the Adalo marketplace launch, I have built some public components and thinking of creating my own paid component store for a while. I start to convert some of the components that I make for my client's and sell, but no sales at all so far.

I decided to kickstart it last week with a #7daysAdalo Component challenge for a few reasons.

  • To force myself to build 1 component every day to have more component products to sell.
  • As marketing purpose of telling more users, yes I m yet another components builder
  • To get in touch with the users and see what components they want.

My Progress

Day1 of #7daysAdalo
I build a component to pull IP addresses from users and show related info, it works fine until I accidentally finish up the free usages.#buildinpublic #adalo

— Knight  (@imknight) August 17, 2021

Day2 of #7daysAdalo
I build a component to animate counting up or down to a number. I posted the campaign in the Adalo forum and getting some new ideas for components#buildinpublic #adalo

— Knight  (@imknight) August 18, 2021

Day3 of #7daysAdalo
I build a component that performs various text functions includes credit card masking, substring, substring extract, counting string length and multiple case style support#buildinpublic #adalo

— Knight  (@imknight) August 19, 2021

Day4 of #7daysAdalo
60% in progress, 3 more days to go! Today I build a component that can display an animated, circular progress wheel. #buildinpublic #adalo pic.twitter.com/MSNV4BELP4

— Knight  (@imknight) August 20, 2021

Day5 of #7daysAdalo
Today I build an image component with overlay colour and text#buildinpublic #adalo pic.twitter.com/Tybq4QJR1O

— Knight  (@imknight) August 21, 2021

Day6 of #7daysAdalo
Today I build a numeric input spinner, I just find out that what is input spinner.#buildinpublic #adalo pic.twitter.com/p5Wp2nzEGJ

— Knight  (@imknight) August 22, 2021

Day7 of #7daysAdalo
Finally, on the final day, I build a user avatar component. #buildinpublic #adalo pic.twitter.com/K7StvH92Xb

— Knight  (@imknight) August 23, 2021

I finally complete the challenge with some tears and sweat, but I m proud of what I have accomplished and thanks to Adalo for providing a platform that allows Maker to build things.

You can take a look at what I have built on my component site.


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