I'm back after missing for 2 months

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·Mar 1, 2021·

It's been two months since my last post. A lot has happened in these two months.

  • After busy with all the renovation & packing, I have moved to my new place.
  • The biggest challenge that I thought I am going to have has gone.
  • It's kind of sad for what has happened, but I have moved on.
  • I have a quiet and peaceful Lunar New Year due to Covid; it is good to have personal time to go through what has happened.

Since last week, I have been thinking to blog again after getting some email from a father that using what I post here to teach his kid learning about #nocode. It feels inspiring and encourages me at the same time.

I m still planning some of the content direction for this blog for 2021, but hopefully, I can bring more value to my reader and inspire more visitor.

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