Integrate Adalo External User Feature with Laravel Jetstream

Integrate Adalo External User Feature with Laravel Jetstream

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·Apr 19, 2021·

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One of the interesting Adalo features that currently beta testing is the External Users feature. Before this, the users' portion in Adalo is managed by Adalo Data Collection, you can integrate external API within Adalo, but for the users part, you still need to handle it by Adalo.

I will share with you today how to integrate the Adalo External User feature with Laravel Jetstream.

I assume you can create a Laravel application and follow the instructions to configure Jetstream. Once you have done, follow the below gist to make the API Auth Control and set up the API route.


API Controller + API Route for Integrate Jetstream + Adalo

API Controller + API Route for Integrate Jetstream + Adalo - ApiAuthController.php



Once the API route set up, you can test the register & login method through Postman/Paw. You can see that once you log in successful, you will be getting a token; the rest of the API request should be using this token as a bearer token.

As you can see, testing with the default User API controller with the bearer token will get the login user info.

Once you are finishing configure the Laravel JetStream part, now you can configure the Adalo part, external user feature only available for newly created application. You need to create a new app to test this feature. While you create a new application, choose Advance options, and you will see to turn on that feature.

You will need to start to configure the External User Feature with some API URL, which we have configured on our Jetstream application.

Follow up on how you tested on Postman/Paw before and configure the required parameter. When the setup completed, you can see the available user token when you connect external collection or set up custom actions in Adalo.

You can continue to build your other API route to feed data for your Adalo App.

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