January Monthly Goal 2022

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January Monthly Goal 2022

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ยทJan 11, 2022ยท

I set some goals every month to help me hit my 2022 Goals; these monthly goals are the motivation for me! So what do I plan for January 2022?

  1. Rebuild GetPay. It's like version 3 already, but at least this round, I know what needs to be built to attract the first wave of users.
  2. Release a component that integrates with GetPay. Yes, I m going to leverage my Adalo Marketplace advantage and launch a component that integrates with Stripe, GetPay and Adalo. The component is not the final version of GetPay products; it's more like bait that attracts more users to find out about GetPay.
  3. Learn more about web3 and build a demo component leverage on web3. Again I m using the Adalo Marketplace as my testing stone.

It's almost mid-month, but I have only made some progress on the 3rd Goal; let's see if I can complete these goals in January.

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