July Monthly Goal 2021

July Monthly Goal 2021

It's another late post for this month; I will talk about this month goals after 1/3 of the month has over already. I have been working toward these goals, just that I can't find the right time to write it out.

This month will be the same as last month; I will continue to focus on Adalo. I had a few Adalo related goals the previous month, but I only completed partials of the plans, this month, I will continue the efforts and meet the remainings goals.

šŸ’” Complete my Adalo components store - I have built quite a few components, and that's ready to sell. I m working on an all in one component store while the visitor can see how the component works before buying it. Besides that, I might show some of the components that are concepts build to get some feedback before I push it more.

šŸ“° Complete my Adalo news site - I have planning an Adalo news site for some time; I have some basic structure up and ready, but I haven't launched it. While I continue my weekly Adalo news thread, I think it is good for me to build an Adalo focus info site.

šŸš€ Complete my Adalo Services Site - I been working on a SAAS site that works with Adalo closely. It should serve as a missing part for the Adalo platform, but I still need to polish it up before launching it.

These are the three main goals I would like to hit this month. There are two more side goals that I would like to try if I m able to squeeze out more resources this month.

šŸ’° Automate product sales hit $500 per month. It's kind of hard for this since my store is not even up yet, but yeah, I will give it a try this month.

šŸŽ‰ Do a component challenge; if I have completed all three goals before the end of the month, I might try to have daily component challenges.