June Monthly Goal 2021

June Monthly Goal 2021

This post is kind of late; I recall I haven't written this month goal after 1/3 of the month has passed. I have significant progress for the past two months, and I hope to continue the momentum this month. So far, the first week of June seems pretty busy.

I have only one goal for June. Entirely focus on Adalo. I started early on Adalo and have some results, I don't want to miss it, and I want to continue pushing it.
I have set up VisualDev Studio as my new #nocode agency; I will promote the brand. VisualDev Studio is going to focus on building Adalo component & Adalo related services currently.

I have generated some income through building custom component, and I want to continue focus on this. Hopefully, I can close another one or two deal this month.
I plan to build at least four new components this month; I had complete one last week—three more to go.

I have a SAAS to help Adalo users build more and an App for all Adalo news, and hopefully, both can be launch this month.
This month is focus on all my Adalo satellite projects.

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