Maker Journal Apr 2022

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Maker Journal Apr 2022

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·May 1, 2022·

April is the beginning of Quarter 2 of 2022; after wasting the whole quarter 1, I m trying to get myself back on track. I try to focus on three things for April, but the results are "ok but can be better".

Updating, Testing and Building

Updating ✅ - I finished editing all the portfolios and landing pages, either with updated content or a simplified landing page, while waiting for more content.

Testing ⛽️ - I didn't test some of the services I would like to try this month, but I did manage to test some unexpected new services.

Building 🚫 - I thought of revamping the Adalo focus content site and building a new #nocode focus content site but failed.

I joined the web3 Bootcamp to learn more about web3. Some surprises happen in April, which I shall reveal six months later. Overall is not a bad month, but I wish I could achieve more.

I am looking forward to more improvement in May - the build month.

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