Maker Journal Apr 2024

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Maker Journal Apr 2024

I continued my research journey in April with two main goals in mind - to learn more about AI content creation and to build a product of my own.

For my AI content creation research, I watched videos from a YouTuber who shares about all the latest AI-related stuff, and even though she was selling her course, I purchased it after being attracted by her video content. However, I later refunded the course because I did not find it worth the money. Nonetheless, I still find AI content creation really interesting and I plan to try it out this month.

As for building once-off product research, I did not make much progress due to my focus on AI content creation. Nevertheless, it's still important for me, and I plan to shift my focus to it in Quarter 3.

I built the new product over Product Weekend #3. I made good progress on most things, but the notification part is still giving me problems. The OneSignal integration with FlutterFlow is not working as I expected, and I would like to avoid using Firebase for notifications. So, I need to explore how to solve the notification issue before I can launch my product, Hookfeed.

That's all for my April update. I am looking forward to focusing on AI in May.