Maker Journal April 2021

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·May 4, 2021·

I have slowly recovered in March and getting better in April; I hope that I can do a lot more than these but understand it takes time to recover from what happens.

So what I have done in April 2021?

  1. After building products on Adalo for a few months, finally, I start to port the app over to mobile. I have done my first compile and test flight of the app. It feels amazing after having the developer licenses since 2011.

Pay for Apple Developer License since 2011. Thanks to @AdaloHQ , today finally I have my first app appear in @testflightapp #NoCode

— Knight  (@imknight) April 7, 2021

2. I did some learning in April, pick up quite a few new tools in the Laravel ecosystem and even go through the new Laravel 8 video series; it allows me to pick up a few new tricks. I also did some modern JS training since I working on Adalo components need some polish on my js skill.

3. Continue my Interesting Adalo News Twitter Thread weekly effort; it allows me to follow up on more Adalo news. You can follow up the Twitter moments

4. I continue to enhance GetPay, convert all the options to JSON fields for easier to expands; once I convert the product's part, I will start to do the marketing for the products.

5. I have done a new MVP; it work both as an Adalo Component + service that interact with API, it helps ease out a process when you build Adalo App. Hopefully, I will be soft launch it next week; I will share about it more.

That's all for my April and looking forward to May for launching new things.

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