Maker Journal April 2023

Photo by Julie Sd on Unsplash

Maker Journal April 2023

Despite my efforts in March, my progress continued to decline throughout April. I lost several daily streaks and found it difficult to maintain certain habits. However, I am grateful that these setbacks did not impact my short staycation at the end of April. My family and I have a wonderful experience on this vacation.

Instead of continuing to build the ChatGPT Client App, I explored various AI concepts more. I realized that my knowledge of AI was too limited, and I struggled when attempting to develop AI-related Apps.

However, my progress with Adalo components truly improved in April. I completed the two components left over from March, finished two custom components for clients, and built another new component. All of these components are scheduled for release in May.

That sums up my April, and I am eagerly looking forward to building products in May.