Maker Journal Aug 2021

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ยทSep 7, 2021ยท

I have a pretty meaningful Aug and did a lot of first-time things.

I challenge myself to build 7 Adalo components in 7 Days, and I completed the #7DaysAdalo with pretty satisfactory results. In addition, I launch my first component store promotion as well during the campaign challenge. Not only did I force myself to build products to sell, and I manage to sell 30 licenses out.

Besides this, I start sending out my first newsletter to my component store clients, potential clients, and my DolaHQ newsletter subscriber to promote my challenge. It does convert a few more sales.

I close my first #nocode deal, which is not Adalo, in Aug as well. I strike a new work that involved Retool & Supabase; I learn a lot while working on both; you can find some posts that I write related to these services.

Lastly, after the compone sales end, I found out that I hit my first 1k sales after focusing on generating revenue on Adalo three months ago. Although I have been trying hard to generate income through products & services through #nocode, this has been an encouraging result.

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