Maker Journal August 2022

I m continue making progress in August, I won't say there are big jumps in productivity, but I can see I m moving slowly toward my target.

I accompanied my wife for an outstation meeting in early August to kill the boredom of waiting for her in the hotel; I decided to have product weekend #3. The results include

  • a concept of #Readr App with Adalo / Integromat / Supabase
  • new product idea while I try to build #Readr
  • I found some shortcomings in some of the #nocode tools

I continue my Adalomatic monthly progress as well and build two new components.

  • Embed Content - which displays social media content component
  • Animated Image Card - create an animated image that serves as a call to action button. I send out the monthly newsletter for Adalomatic members as well.

I am trying to kickstart a #nocode newsletter - Nocoder, but everything is still not ready. Hopefully, I can get it done by September.

Lastly, I ended August with an oversea trip with my wife, finally the first oversea trip after closing down by COVID for two years.