Maker Journal August 2023

In August, I stopped building products to focus on my freelance work and explore AI. However, I failed in the AI aspect. My original plan was to use AI to optimize my personal branding and help my wife build an AI virtual avatar for her business. Unfortunately, I was tied up with my freelance work and had to go on a short staycation in the last week of August.

I kicked off my biggest freelance projects for the year 2023 in August. It combined Flutterflow and Filament+Laravel. I used Flutterflow for all the client apps and Filament for the admin backend. Currently, only the backend and mobile view interface are in progress. Hopefully, I will be able to finish this project by the end of 2023.

While I paused the product-building part, I continued to build custom Adalo components for my clients. One of the biggest challenges I had was tweaking the label printing for one of my components. My client checked the real printout, took a photo, and sent it to me. Then, I adjusted the CSS and repeated the whole process. It was a frustrating experience, but we finally managed to get the printout to fit after three days.

That's all for August. The best part was the five-day staycation where I spent some precious time with my kids, enjoying their school holidays.