Maker Journal Feb 2022

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Maker Journal Feb 2022

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·Mar 5, 2022·

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It doesn't go well for February either because I m low productivity for no reason, but I m overwhelmed by my freelance work. I guess I have too much sweet time from the Xmas break and Lunar New Year break; I underestimate the work that needs to be done; that's why I have been rushing tasks these weeks before each demo session.

I didn't manage to continue my web3 learning or build the web3 concept components; I also didn't kickstart the auth component I wanted to start for Adalo. So the only thing that I did for products in February was select some of my components for the Adalo Marketplace 2.0.

Besides that, I am working on some works for my client to sync Airtable data to Backendless. It's required lots of operations from Integromate to sync; in the end, I write some local tasks with Laravel and sync it through local.

That's all for what I did in Feb, and hopefully, I can push some improvement in March.

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