Maker Journal Feb 2024

February was an interesting month for me. While I was enjoying the Lunar New Year festival, I also kicked off several projects. My original goal was to complete three things, but I think I passed with flying colours.

  1. I started the whole product weekend campaign again and completed most of the planned goals except for the add-on goal.

  2. I consolidated all my VPS and set up a new US VPS for my products at a more affordable rate.

  3. I migrated two existing products to the FilamentPHP admin panel and plan to use it as my core technology.

  4. I built RebuildHQ to extend the services and provide Admin Panel as a Service with FilamentPHP.

  5. I migrated all my product-related tasks to Superlist and used it to manage all product-related stuff. I will compare it with Trello to see if it's better.

I think February brought up my building momentum, and I hope to extend it to March.