Maker Journal February 2023

I didn't have much to say for January since I m still pretty much enjoy the festival holidays and the welcome of my newborn. However, February marked the month I started my engine to build things.

One of the leading projects I want to complete before building products again is to have my product portfolio site record what I have built and what I earn. I got the Bento beta invite, so I built the portfolio and released it on their producthunt day. Bento is more visually appealing than a typical project listing site; I love it; hopefully, the custom domain mapping feature will be release soon!

Besides that, since the web3 hype has slowed, I replaced my BetaHQ project from Typedream to Pory; I still want to build something on web3, but maybe not now. So cutting the expenses and saving the cost now is the main reason for the swap.

Finally, I m back to coding with Laravel after having fun with "nocode" for so long; everything seems different. I learned about Filament PHP, a pretty good admin panel based on Laravel's TALL stack; I m going to use it to replace a client's project and can't wait for version 3 to release.

That's all for February 2023!