Maker Journal July 2021

Maker Journal July 2021

I m slack off a bit in July; I take a break from daily writing and habit building, I still doing some product development, but my freelance work has most of my focus.

The three main goals that I set for July, I only manage to hit 50% of it, and I miss the other two side goals. On a side note, although I miss out so much, I believe I have a good rest.

šŸ’” Complete my Adalo components store - āœ…

The component store is something I am proud of; I complete the store, putting up all my free & paid components, set up a demo for each component, added payment flow for it. Sadly it makes 0 sales so far, but I believe I didn't spend enough marketing on it, which I will put in more effort this month.

VisualDev Studio Adalo Components
Talk to us if you want to build something in Adalo

šŸ“° Complete my Adalo news site - šŸš§

I believe Adalomatics is 50% ready, there are still things that I would like to put on, but I m glad that at least I have put up the based structure. The whole site is built on top of Airtable & Pory.

Everything about Adalo under the sun

šŸš€ Complete my Adalo Services Site - šŸ‘Ž

I completely miss out on this product, and seriously, I feel a bit lost for this product currently. I need to put it aside and think about it how does it utilise it.

The other two side goals missed out as well, but overall I think I have an excellent rest for July, and I think it is time to pick up again for August.