Maker Journal July 2023

Although I had hoped to start fresh for the second half of 2023, July did not go as planned. While I aimed to kickstart my habits/health building and reboot my product making, only the former saw some progress. Unfortunately, I failed to make any headway in my product making endeavors.

As far as personal productivity goes, I managed to start a day plan where I set a focus for each day, which helped me stay on track towards my big goals. Additionally, I assigned specific days for personal finance and personal branding, which were areas I had always wanted to focus on but struggled to prioritize.

For marketing and branding purposes, I joined Twitter Blue. Compared to other marketing channels, I found Twitter to have a unique space for my needs. As such, I have decided to spend a year on Twitter Blue to see how far I can go.

My biggest achievement of July was closing a project for FlutterFlow. I have been paying for the pro since 2022 and have long wanted to dive deeper into it, which I will do in August thanks to my work.

That concludes my July journey.