Maker Journal June 2022

I didn't set any goals for June because of overwhelmed by my freelance work; that's why I decided to take a break and go for a goal-less month.

I have some minor progress on one of my products.


My Adalo Component store official split out from my Nocode Agency VisualDev Studio. I build the initial landing page with Notion and Popsy but don't satisfied with the results. So I revamped it with Pory two weeks later, and finally, it is what I want.

I build a new component that exports CSV from the collection for my use and planning to release it. In addition, I have fixed a few bugs and did some enhancements for some of the existing components.

Vertical Scrollbar Component enhancement

After wasting most of my time clearing my freelance work, and my little remaining time spent on Adalomatic, let's hope I can spend more product time in July.