Maker Journal June 2023

As we reach the end of June, we have completed half of 2023. So far, I am not entirely satisfied with the progress of my product this year, but I am hopeful that I can still make 2023 a successful year for my product.

In June, I released three Adalo components, but the response was not as high as I had hoped, leaving me somewhat disappointed. Unfortunately, due to a lack of progress, I decided to withdraw from the Appwrite hackathon, and by the time I had more availability, there were only a few days left.

I also decided not to continue with the Hookfeed project as I lacked motivation. However, during the MidJourney experience, I found joy in exploring AI image generation and creating various images. I am excited to continue exploring this field.

At the end of June, I reviewed my 2023 goals and made adjustments to better meet my expectations. Let's move forward into the second half of 2023 with better momentum.