Maker Journal Mar 2022

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Maker Journal Mar 2022

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·Apr 5, 2022·

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March is full of surprised.

Nope, the miracle didn't happen. I lost my daily writing streak and decided to take a break. I didn't complete anything I wished to achieve. I only focused on finishing my freelance project and finally launched it in time.

The only thing that I feel grateful for is bringing the two kids for a short getaway beach trip right before the freelance project launch. It's a bit risky, but nothing went wrong, and the kids had some fun time. I manage to have some me-time with the moon and the ocean wave sounds.

I m not proud of how I wasted my March and ended the first quarter of 2022 with so little progress, but there is no time to regret what has happened. I can only focus on next month and the next quarter of 2022.

I will be back.

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