Maker Journal Mar 2024

March is a great month because many exciting things happen in real life, but it has been relatively quiet for me regarding products and freelance work. I completed two major things in March: the Product Weekend #2 challenge and the Typefully 30 days 30 posts challenge.

For the Product Weekend #2 challenge, I completed a prototype mobile application with FlutterFlow that replicates the FilamentPHP admin panel widgets. Although the Twitter audience's response was pretty meh, I am still holding onto the idea for now and might need a more polished vision.

Regarding the Typefully 30 days 30 posts challenge, I managed to finish one post each day for 30 days. At one point, I thought I accidentally missed it one day, but after reviewing it a few times, I found out that I had completed the challenge. One of the post tagging is hidden because it is a long post. I am getting a discount for Typefully, but I still wonder whether I should subscribe to the services or not.

One interesting thought I had during March was to try the media direction. Although I do not plan to become an influencer, I like the idea of self-media, especially with the power of AI nowadays. You do not need to be in front of the camera. Let's see how it goes!