Maker Journal March 2021

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·Apr 12, 2021·

I'm back after my coming back post and rest for another month. Since my last post, it's been one month, mainly waiting for two things, migrate off from the current server and upgrade the site to the new shiny Ghost 4.0.

This post is the first monthly review in 2021 so forgive me; it starts with March because I have a terrible start this year, and looking back now, the first two months seems blank for me.

So March 2021 is the month that I start to recover slowly; I take it pretty slow and set some minor goals, I didn't achieve all, but I feel pretty satisfied taking up the first few steps to move on.

  1. I have plan/brainstorm a SAAS for the nocode platform and the whole concept based on that nocode platform that I m pretty familiar with - Adalo. I am going to start building it this month, and hopefully, I can share more.
  2. I rebuild GetPay because of the Stripe #buildInPublicStripe campaign, I didn't win anything, but it empowered me to upgrade the GetPay codebase. It's running on the latest Laravel, JetStream, Livewire. It also gives me a ticket to try out the nocode checkout services from Stripe themself.
  3. I migrated my last client's project that running on my previous PHP7.1 VPS. All my client's projects and my VPS are on PHP7.4. It took me nearly two years to migrate all client's projects, and some upgrade is entirely free.
  4. I start a marketing Twitter threat for my @NocoderHQ account, and I highlight some of the news for Adalo every week. The results are not noticeable, but I take it as some warm-up for my upcoming services.
  5. Lastly, I migrate off from Trello & Linear to ClickUp, and I feel pretty good about it and will share more in the future.

That's all for my March, I don't feel like I have done a lot, but I think that I m working in progress.

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