Maker Journal May 2021

Maker Journal May 2021

I have moved the momentum from April and continue the productivity mode into May. There are both happy news and sad news in this month.

The sad news is that one of my products, GetPay, faces the most significant challenges from its leverages. Stripe has launched the #nocode payment link and become GetPay direct competitor. I have written a post about this; I decided to pause the GetPay development to avoid the same mistake happen on what I am currently doing.

GetPay Take A Pause
I talk about GetPay a few times before but didn’t officially write a post aboutit. It’s a bit funny + sad that the first time I talk about this product hereand I’m going to announce I will be taking a break on this product. > GetPay let you link with your Stripe account and generate a unique paym…

The good news is that the #nocode platform Adalo that I been focusing on has raised an eight mil Series A compared to some other tools that go missing in action; I think I have bet on the right one.

I happen to join the Adalo expert two days before the good news, and our profile is now on the Adalo expert page with my new agency - VisualDev Studio. Since I joined the Adalo Expert, I have been pretty active in getting involved in Adalo Slack & Facebook group; there are some incoming Adalo inquiries. I manage to build my first paid Adalo component.

Team Up with Adalo Expert VisualDev Studio
We are #nocode Agency, we provide #nocode as a services for all.

VisualDev Studio is a #nocode agency that building product with #nocode. Currently, I will be focusing on Adalo only. I talk about this at the beginning of May, and I have finally launched it with the new website. It combines our twitter effort ( as NocoderHQ ), our building Adalo component experience and our upcoming SAAS targeting Adalo users.

VisualDev Studio
We Turn Visual To Product With Nocode

The other two goals for May has been slow in progress. The SAAS for Adalo users has been pivot and rebuild. Hopefully, it will be launch in June. I have been busy with all the work, which is why project Adalomatic has been a pause.

That's all for May. May the force with you.