Maker Journal May 2022

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Maker Journal May 2022

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ยทJun 4, 2022ยท

I have pretty ambitious goals at the beginning of May. I thought that was my birthday month; I should be all in to build, but I was wrong, and I have failed.

I failed to start my #nocode monthly challenge, and I m not sure if I continue at the current stage. So what original sounds pretty excited goals now feels a bit redundant.

In May, I did kickstart some web3 concept prototypes, but I find that I know too little when I try to build something; I guess I need to continue pick up more.

Besides this, I have done a rebranding on my VisualDev Studio Agency. I take out the Adalo part and make it focus on multiple #nocode platforms. So instead of VisualDev Studio = Adalo Expert & Adalo Component, I make VisualDev Studio a Nocode Agency.

I rebrand the Adalo news focus sites - Adalomatic to be the one to take over the Adalo Components from VisualDev Studio. Adalomatic will be the one handle all my Adalo Components. In addition, I have revamped the landing page of Adalomatic and migrated the components site over to Adalomatic as well.

My first aim for Adalomatic is to build at least two components every month. Next, maybe I will work on some web3 components for Adalo.
That's all for May.

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