Maker Journal Nov 2021

Maker Journal Nov 2021

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ยทNov 30, 2021ยท

After the busy October, November seems a little bit too relaxed. While I m busy with Black Friday, but my actual product output is little.

I packed up my components and launched a Black Friday deal, and I created a dedicated page for it, let's say the results are way below what I expected, although it is a good learning experience.

I thought to launch a client portal site that was built with Softr in the first place for the NocodeNovember event, but in the end, I launched a Black Friday Deals listing site that was built with Softr; the deal sites are a pretty niche that only focus on #nocode Black Friday deals.

Lastly, as usual, I grab a few deals to enhance my development setup, some WordPress plugin deals for a client project and take the opportunity to renew some of my existing licenses.

That's all for my November.

If you still want to grab some last minutes #nocode deals, you can look at the listing site that I build. However, if you're going to buy some Adalo components for cheap, this is your last chance; I will close it tomorrow morning.


VisualDev Studio Black Friday Bundle

Our first Black Friday Bundle for you!


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