Maker Journal Nov & Dec 2023

I was considering having a short #productchallenge2023 to make the most of the last 20% of the year 2023. I wanted to push myself to build something to end the year better. However, I missed the opportunity and it feels like the universe is telling me to quit.

My main workstation, a 2014 iMac, broke down. Although it had helped me a lot in the past few years, it couldn't last for 10 years. As I was using my backup MacBook to continue working, I was wondering if the iMac could be fixed or what I should get to replace it. I was concerned about how long it would take to get everything back to normal.

By the time I got my replacement machines, a powerful m2 Macmini had already arrived in early December. So, I rushed to finish the remaining work and get ready for the annual Christmas break. I take a break every year from the middle of December until early January.

Therefore, I decided to cancel everything that I had planned and just enjoy the holidays with my family members. I guess I will leave it to push again in 2024 because I have made some decisions and plan to have more focused time in the year 2024. Let's just enjoy the holidays and return in the year 2024.