Maker Journal November 2022

Maker Journal November 2022

November is a mixed-feeling month; there are both good and bad things happening; overall, I m still optimistic for November.

I m pretty weak after getting COVID in October; I don't feel recovered and keep having lousy headaches and fever out of nowhere, which badly affected my productivity. I stop my daily exercise and product building from taking a break, but I am still busy with my freelance work to meet some deadlines and clear some pending work from the COVID period.

On the good side, while busy with my client work, I have built up an MVP product that works with Crisp Chat for my client, and I believe after some polishing, I can release it to Crisp Marketplace. I will be sharing more details in my other post soon.

Besides this, I complete my #NocodeNovement event with a #nocode + #web3 project = BetaHQ. It's built on top of Typedream and integrates with Highlight and I will use it to explore more #web3 #nocode tools.

While I m not doing much in November, I'm still pretty happy with the two small progress on my product road. That's all for My November Maker Journal!