Maker Journal October 2023

Photo by Chris Wade on Unsplash

Maker Journal October 2023

I am writing this post after a long delay, as November has kept me busy. However, I finally have time to write about the things that have been happening. In October, I took a break from building products and spent some time planning how to optimize the remaining 20% of the year 2023.

Here are my plans for the next few weeks:

#ProductChallenge2023 - As mentioned earlier, I plan to build three products and achieve some significant milestones.

#Life2023 - I am pushing myself to dedicate 20 minutes of my time each day for the next 23 days to improve some life habits.

#Optimize2023 - I plan to complete the workflow of acquired knowledge

I know it's a bit late to write about these plans now, as November is almost over. However, I still want to keep these plans as a memory of my goals for the year.