Maker Journal Sep 2021

It was a busy September, but not much progress in terms of product goals.

✅ The good thing is I continued the Adalo Component building stream; I built a few either for my use or client request, and I have released three to the public. However, I see there are still lots of needs to be converted into components.

🚧 The still in progress goals includes:

Adalomatic Mobile are still in the process; it's almost there, but I still can't figure how to handle the news part; thinking to use images, but it might not seem like doing well.

DolaHQ is still pending as well, I have a few ideas to pivot, but building components have used up most of my time.

🎉 A few things to cheer up is

Strike a component deal with an API company to build a component that utilises their API.

My first Adalo project has released the 1.0.1 minor update, which includes lots of new things. So proud that can I can write some update changelog, and it appears in the App Store.

Manage to challenge myself and build a pretty good native component that solved one of my client's problem.
That's all for my September!