Maker Journal September 2022

September is one of the poor performance months for my product work; the main reason is my freelance work has swarmed me. In the end, I managed to clear 90% of my freelance but didn't have much progress in products.

I have to build a diet application with Glide & Airtable for my wife. The first edition is up and running within two days, and I continue to enhance it after users start testing the first build. It's been two years since I built something on Glide; it takes a while for me to pick it up. So I make it with the Glide app and planning to rebuild the same thing with Glide pages, so I understand the difference better.

I missed the two components release for Adalomatic this month, but I managed to get some updates from the Adalo team to review my components. I clean up another three more components to send for review. One of the clients who purchased from my component store recently suggested I put more components on the official Adalo Marketplace since that is a more convenient way to buy components.

The last thing I would like to share is I started to build up one client's project on Directus and was surprised with what can be done with it. Of course, there were still errors while I tested it, but I can tell it has lots of great features; the flow is one the most powerful part, but it takes time to master it. I have been asking a lot on the Github discussion, and most of my questions are getting answered, and I m impressed.

That's all for my September; I m looking forward to putting in more product time in October and can't wait to start Hacktoberfest!