Maker Journal September 2023

In September, I decided to take a break from building my product and focus on my freelance work. I still managed to build some Adalo components for my clients, including a barcode scanner and a date picker with locale support. Additionally, I've been working on my Fluttflow Freelance project, and I'm learning a lot about Flutterflow features as I spend more time on it. I plan to share some tips on my X soon.

Although I've been exploring different AI tools, I haven't yet decided on what kind of AI-related content to release. For instance, I have a MidJourney subscription that I'm underutilizing, so I plan to pause my subscription until I figure out what direction I'm moving towards.

That's all for my September Maker Journal. I've been spending more time on my personal life than building new things, but I'm looking forward to creating more in the future.