March Monthly Goal 2022

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March Monthly Goal 2022

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ยทMar 20, 2022ยท

I didn't set any goal for this month, and I just came back from a short staycation, which explains why this post has been delayed. After missing goals for the first two months at the beginning years and understanding, March will be pretty busy for me to live a big freelance project. So I decided to let loose this month.

Writing a monthly goal post without some monthly goals sounds weird, but I think it is pretty reasonable for my current situation; there are no points to setup some easy-to-hit goals for the planning of goals purpose. Without any goals also remind me that I have some burnout, so I avoid having any plans.

Anyway, the only thing that I want to focus on is living my freelance work project smoothly; then, I will plan a better come back next month.

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