May Monthly Goal 2021

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·May 5, 2021·

April has been pretty good for me, it starts and progresses slowly, but I have completed most of the things that I want to do; I hope to continue the momentum over to May.

There will be three main things I will focus on in May and maybe a side goal that hopefully can hit.

NocodeActions: This is my latest SAAS that focuses on the Adalo platform, it's almost ready, but I guess I need some push to complete the final part. The last part is like the one that needs your 90% efforts. I want to get this out there and maybe can get at least 50 users as testers.

VisualDev Studio: This is a new idea that popup after I finish planning for May; it's a little bit unexpected, but it needs to be done. I am going to set up a #nocode agency that focuses on the Adalo platform. The main focus might not be the doing projects for clients part; I might put more effort into building components and API for the platform users.

Adalo-O-Matic: The last one is more like a marketing effort; I got some projects on hand, but most are internal. I need to have some project out there as a channel for my agency, so I m planning to build a mobile app for peoples to know more about Adalo.

These are my three main goals for May; as you can see, all are Adalo related; I m going to putting 120% effort into Adalo to grow my agency for the next few months.

I have a little side goal to re-launch my GetPay services since it's 90% there as well; I need to re-write a small part and focus on marketing to the users.

I put it as a side goal because the three main goals are more important this month. Hopefully, this will be a month with flying colours.

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