May Monthly Goal 2022

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May Monthly Goal 2022

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ยทMay 2, 2022ยท

I want to kickstart May, my birthday month, to reboot my build engine. So I am going to build quite a few things starting this month.

The primary goal is I m going to build some new ideas and rebuild some of my existing products with no-code tools for under $50 per month.

Build products with #nocode monthly under a budget of $50 per month.

I m going to share more about this challenge soon; this will be my primary goal for this month.

Some of my side goals for May include:

  • Build something web3 - I have been attending tutorials and Bootcamp for web3; it is time to convert these concepts and build something to learn more.
  • Build something productize - I have been toying with building productize services for no-code tools, and I want to develop a quick MVP to validate it.
  • Build something info - I would like to build a #nocode content site that focuses on some niche.

It seems pretty ambitious to have so many build goals, but my focus is to get the primary goal done first; the rest might extend to next month.

Onward to the build month!

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