My 2022 Goals

Photo by zero take on Unsplash

My 2022 Goals

I didn't write this in 2021. I did write a quick post two months later, but surprisingly I missed out on all the goals I wanted to do in those quick posts.

Is Life unpredictable?

I have three main goals in 2022, and I m going to share what I wish to achieve for my Product Goal.

  1. Increase product income. I finish 2021 with 5% of my income are generated by-products. I m hopefully increase this to 30% for 2022.
  2. Launch three more products. I built Adalo Custom Component Store in 2021; I hope to launch three more products that integrate with Adalo or other nocode platforms.
  3. I want to start building something related to web3.

Let's review these in 2023!