New Things I Try April 2023

Some of the new apps I tried in April

Upbase - a project management tool that currently has Lifetime sales on Appsume; it targets individuals or small teams; if you have been using trello or similar project management tools but looking for more, Upbase might be the one great replacement; it has all the features a project management tools should have with a clean interface. I m waiting for the Google Calendar feature to go live before I migrate over.

Busycal - a calendar app that comes with Setapp. I love to plan my work based on the monthly calendar. Busycal allows me to manage my todoist tasks and Google Calendar simultaneously; it helps me stream out my planning process.

Cursor - an IDE that allows you to build software with AI. I try to pick up AI to speed up my development, but the process isn't great. Maybe because I m not used to vs code, I don't get it; after trying for a while, I prefer to go back to my sublime text to work.

Manganum - the Chrome extension that makes you productive. My current main browser is Arc, but I use Google Chrome for development. Manganum is a Chrome extension that brings the sidebar features to Google Chrome. For example, you can quickly access Calendar or Todoist through the sidebar; it is too bad it currently only supports limited apps.

Ply - Add a custom feature to your existing app. Ply helps build some automation workflow for some of the familiar apps you use, including Notion and Airtable. In addition, it allows you to create custom buttons that perform specific tasks injected into this app that you typically use through the browser extension.

These are some of the exciting apps I tried out in April 2023.