New Things I Try February 2023

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

New Things I Try February 2023

This is another belated post but a new topic I would like to explore every month: record some of the latest applications or web services I try.

Bento - a pretty bio link/portfolio site builder

I use it to build my portfolio and love the concept and design; you can use it to create a very visually catching portfolio, and interesting to see everyone make use of their creativity to build their portfolio.

Arc Browser - a chrome based browser that brings new concepts.

I have been using Google Chrome since its launch, and this is the first time I have replaced my primary browser with something else. I love the Space feature that allows me to customize the sidebar based on the context. Some interesting build features include Easel, Notes and Screenshots. Unfortunately, some chrome plugins are still incompatible, but I know the Walling Clipper that has been broken on my Google Chrome for the last few years is working on Arc.

Walling - A better Google Keep

I almost settled for using Google Keep for my productivity stack until I changed my browser to Arc and found out I could finally use Walling Chrome Extension. So far, I love Walling because it acts like a Wall, letting me throw in different content and make it my personal wall. So far, I like it, but I still haven't decided to commit to it.

Texts - A in one messenger app.

I managed to get an invite for Texts after seeing someone praise it on Twitter; after a month of trial, I decided to subscribe to it. It gives you an interface to manage all your messages, including Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. My favourite feature is I can read the Whatsapp message without letting the sender know natively. I m looking forward to the mobile version release!

ChatGPT - the AI revolution

By now, everyone should be talking about this. So I gave it a try and paid for it. I haven't used it that much, but with my limited testing, it will be a potent tool, and we can see lots of new products that are based on AI.

Let me know if you have any exciting tools to share!