New Things I Try March 2023

While doing this series, I find out I don't have a workflow for this, and I might forget what I have tested. I m using Raindrop tagging to track,but I think I might need a better way.

Readwise Reader - is one of the best readers.

Readwise is like an ultimate reader; you can use the browser extension to add content, send interesting content through email or use the old fashion RSS way to fetch content. The reader is also full of exciting features, but my favourite is the Ghostreader.

Superlist - a to-do list with a pretty interface

Superlist comes with a stunning website that gives me a pretty good impression. The app is pretty, and some parts remind you of Wunderlist. Lots of features are still in progress, but I m pretty sure if I move out from Todoist, Superlist will be one of the best replacements.

Raindrop - bookmarking app that you can't be miss

I have a love-hate relationship with Raindrop; I have subscribed to the pro version, refunded it but missed it, and re-subscribed. It has a generous free tier, and I found the best reason to subscribe to it, it will index the PDF that you upload, and you search for the PDF content!

That's all for March; some are missing because I keep swapping different systems. Hopefully, this will be better in April.