October Monthly Goal 2021

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ยทOct 11, 2021ยท

I m trying something different this month, not sticking to the usual three main goals per month model; I break down and plan to ship three things related to products over 30days.

It's going to be #ship30days, which I have done for the past ten days.

I hate to set three main goals, but nothing has been completed by the end of the month, breaking the big goals into smaller ones and trying to achieve something every day; let's hope to take this new approach might help motivate me.

Besides, there will be the Hacktoberfest this month, the yearly event that I have joined for the past five years. This year, I will try something different; I will not write any code but contribute to prototypes or content that focuses on #nocode.

Yes, I going to focus my Hacktoberfest 2021 on open source #nocode. So let's see what content I am going to share here soon.

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